Sell Star Wars CCG Cards

We are always interested in acquiring collections, particularly from later sets (Endor, Theed Palace, Coruscant, etc.). Our pricing depends on the set, card condition, and our current inventory status.

We typically buy collections in one of two ways:

1) You can ship your collection to us and we can go through the collection in order to provide you an accurate quote. If for some reason we can't work out an agreement (which hasn't happened yet), we'll ship the collection back to you (we'll split shipping costs)
2) You can provide us an excel/google docs list of your collection, and we can provide you a rough quote. Once you ship it to us, we'll confirm the cards and condition and come to an agreement.

Check out our blog for some useful tools to start documenting and valuing your collection.

Star Wars CCG Price Guide (Excel)

Star Wars CCG Price Guide (PDF)

Email us here to get started with your sale: [email protected]