Enhanced Hoth Assault (Expansion Pack)

Star Wars CCG (SWCCG) Enhanced Hoth Assault (Expansion Pack)

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This is a 12 card enhancement to the Target The Main Generator custom deck. Read more about the origins of the enhancement in our blog!

The “Enhanced” cards could be swapped for cards originally included…but we’d recommend simply adding the cards to each deck and starting with 66. For traditionalists we’d recommend the following swaps (but let us know if people have better ideas):

Complete Card List

The list of 12 cards (6 light, 6 dark) can be found below:
  • Commander Wedge Antilles
  • Princess Leia
  • 2-1B
  • Rogue 3
  • Anakin's Lightsaber
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Admiral Ozzel
  • Blizzard Scout 1
  • Electro-Rangefinder
  • You May Start Your Landing
  • Walker Garrison
  • Wampa
  • note that the cards will be a mix of white, black, and foil borders, and conditions will range from played to mint.