Besieged! (Beginner Level)

Besieged! (Beginner Level)

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This 120 card (60 rebel, 60 imperial) custom deck focuses on the beginning scene of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Princess Leia leads a group of rebel spies, leaders, and troopers in transporting the Death Star Plans to Yavin IV, in hopes of identifying a weakness to destroyer 'The Ultimate Power In The Universe". Darth Vader is closely on her tail, and the imperials are determined to capture and battle (besieged!) the rebels in order to recapture the vital plans.

Complete Deck List

Featured Cards (a total of 39 rare/premium cards included):
  • Princess Organa
  • Mon Mothma (x2)
  • Vader (x3)
  • Tantive IV
  • Devastator
  • Imperial-Class Star Destroyer (x2)
  • R-3PO
  • Corellian Corvette (x4)
  • Death Star Plans
  • U-3PO
  • Besieged (x3)
  • Trooper Davin Felth (x2)
  • Vader's Eye
  • Assault Rifle (x3)
  • Light Repeating Blaster Rifle
  • note that the cards will be a mix of white, black, and foil borders, and in conditions ranging from played to mint.